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We want you to taste the real flavor of Venice, that authentic taste of a culinary tradition that still lives on our tables. Chef Vittorio was born in Venice and raised in Venice, where he learned all the secrets of the Venetian cuisine, thanks to his grandmother, who was an incredible cook. It’s not a secret that his creations are the result of his deep knowledge regarding the Venetian typical courses and his ability in changing them with a modern twist. But, the truth is that without the fresh products Domenico get at the Rialto market, every dish won’t be as good as it is. Rialto market is located only 5 minutes from our restaurant and going there to buy fresh products from St. Erasmo island and fish is always a pleasure. We absolutely can’t renounce to this everyday life, mainly because to cook all the Venetian recipes you need to live the city day by day, chatting with the fish seller and waving your friends on a boat. Now, you just have to come here and discover our venetian menu and the real taste of a Venetian dish.

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