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the authentic taste of Venice
” is our mission. Chef Vittorio, born and raised in Venice,  will delight you with his dishes handed down from his grandmother and therefore from the Venetian tradition.

A rich menu with Venetian dishes, from the Italian tradition, from fish to meat and a particular attention to the world of vegetarians and vegans.

The Rialto market is very close to our restaurant, we are 5 minutes from the Rialto bridge, and therefore for Domenico, our manager, it is easy to go there to take the products that the market offers: from seasonal vegetables, which almost always come from from the famous Sant’Erasmo, to the fresh fish typical of the lagoon and the Adriatic Sea.

We do everything to bring fresh and wholesome products to the table every day, always enriched and flavored by our Chef’s recipes.  Tradition joins the quality of the products, just like a trattoria par excellence. Tradition, quality and authenticity is our promise and this is why eating well in Venice is like to say eating at the Trattoria da Bruno. You just have to discover our menu and then come and try it.

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Come and experience the authentic taste of Venice.

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