The celebrations for the Venice Carnival 2020 begin on Saturday 8 February and continue uninterruptedly until Tuesday “Grasso” 25 February.

A period entirely dedicated to fun and celebrations, during which Venetians and foreigners flocked all over the city to celebrate with unbridled music and dancing.

The tradition of masks and costumes that guaranteed anonymity was born because a sort of leveling of all social divisions was achieved. Citizens who wearing masks and costumes could totally conceal their identity and thus cancel any form of personal belonging to social classes, sex, religion.

The current Carnival of Venice has become a great and spectacular tourist event, which attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world who flock to the city to participate in this festival and its events considered unique in history, atmospheres and masks.

As in the past, the Venice Carnival still represents a great popular festival for a large audience of all ages. Street parties and events of all kinds liven up the days of groups of masks and tourists, who happily scatter Venice.

Trattoria da Bruno is located in the center of the celebrations, Calle del Paradiso is the perfect background for the pictures of the masks.

Traditional Venetian cuisine, the proper Venetian taste, Frittelle or Fritoe and Galani (also called Crostoli or Bugie and Chiacchiere) are essential to perfectly enjoy the Venice carnival.

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